Trunk Notes 2.4.2

Trunk Notes 2.4.2 has just been submitted to Apple for approval. Assuming they find no issues I would expect it to be available for purchase/upgrade in the next 7-14 days.

The changes in this release include:

  • Use TextExpander snippets in the page bar
  • On upgrade view list of new features and bug fixes
  • Create a header and footer to be included on all pages using Special:Header and Special:Footer pages
  • Display snippets as plain text, not as Markdown
  • Add !! at the start of a snippet and all functions will be evaluated before the text is substituted
  • Hide Special: and Docs: wiki entries from list of all pages
  • Markdown syntax helper actions when selecting text
  • Don’t include Special:DropboxSync in backlinks
  • Minor improvements to wi-fi sharing interface
  • Markdown improvements, including easy ~~strikethrough~~ support
  • You can now select text and apply bold, italic, strikethrough and link from the select text menu
  • Search results are now shown sorted by most recently edited page
  • Fixed: Issues when Dropbox syncing to a subfolder
  • Fixed: Inserting images on iPad
  • Fixed: Changing tags now causes last updated time to update
  • Fixed: Issues with some links containing /WikiWords
  • Fixed: Tag Cloud issues when tag names contain international characters


  • Achim Gawehns


    is it possible to create subfolders?


    Achim Gawehns

  • Matthew Kennard

    You cannot create folders in Trunk Notes. However you can choose to use namespaces. Trunk Notes uses these internally – for example the Special: namespace has lots of internal pages. You might choose to do something similar – for example Recipes:MainCourses:RoastChicken

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    • admin

      No. Trunk Notes is a wiki and presents a flat view of your notes. You can use a naming convention to simulate folders.