Trunk Notes 4

Trunk Notes 4 was released in January. This updated TN to iOS 7 and included a number of fixes for Dropbox.

The second point release of version 4 has just been submitted to Apple. After a period of months between releases the aim is now to do frequent small updates to respond more quickly to bugs and requests for new features.

Although 4.0.2 is primarily a bug fix release, concentrating mainly on erratic cursor movement, there is a new feature for those of you who use a Bluetooth keyboard. With iOS 7 Apple finally enabled developers to add easy support for keyboard shortcuts when editing text. Trunk Notes takes advantage of this and adds the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • ⌘ + B – Bold
  • ⌘ + I – Italics
  • ⌘ + L – Either inserts [[]] for a wiki link, or converts a http:// link into an external link e.g. <>
  • ⌘ + T – Strikethrough
  • ⌘ + 1 – Cycles through 1st, 2nd and 3rd level headings for the current link
  • ⌘ + 2 – Starts a list
  • ⌘ + 3 – Starts a numbered list (notice that these three shortcuts correspond in order to the ordering on the toolbar)
  • ⌘ + D – Inserts a timestamp
  • ⌘ + S – Saves the current note

In the coming weeks support for TextExpander snippets will be reintroduced. If you have any small nice to haves you’d like to see in TN email!

A Quick Review of 2013

2013 has been quite a year, for my personal life and for app development. The two main events this year have been getting married and, not long after, becoming an expectant Dad to be. These two big life events have meant a little less time for Apps On The Move than I anticipated at the start of the year. There have been a few minor updates to Trunk Notes in 2013 – and a bigger update which improved the user interface. Work is still ongoing to move Trunk Notes to iOS 7, and to fix a couple of remaining issues with the Dropbox sync. This should be completed in January. After this release I want to return to more frequent smaller updates and finally address some of the promised improvements from the forums.

Go Calc has remained untouched, at least it was until December. I have finally started work on an update to Go Calc. It will bring about an updated user interface and will be iOS 7 only. I’ve yet to decide whether this will be a new app or an upgrade.

A number of other projects have been started and paused. Trunk Notes for Mac and Android have been promised but have not yet reached a stage where they can be delivered. I’ve been using Trunk Notes for Mac on a daily basis however still need to work on so that it is suitable for release. Trunk Notes for Android has progressed but stalled towards the end of the year due to a lack of time.

My daily development job is working at One Result – a mobile and web development company in Birmingham. I’ve worked on some great apps for One Result this year. It started off with the fantastic news that an app I worked on was part of the Best of 2013 in the disruptive category. It then went on to see the release of Comics in the Classroom, a great app aimed at teaching history through comics. There have been lots of apps for enterprise customers, who I can’t mention, the development of augmented reality platform and a lone worker and personal safety solution. The year ended with a hack day which saw us develop a game in a day using SpriteKit – a new iOS 7 framework for making 2D games.

2014 looks to be an exciting year ahead – lots of stuff happening at One Result, major planned improvements to Trunk Notes and Go Calc, and of course a new baby Kennard.

To all of you who have been Trunk Notes and/or Go Calc users in 2013, Happy New Year!

Trunk Notes 3 – just another few days

Trunk Notes 3 has finally been submitted to Apple.

After what seems a very long time I have just completed testing and uploading of Trunk Notes 3 to the App Store.

Most of the work in this release is behind the scenes – a lot of code has been rewritten.

There are lots of user visible changes – the user interface has been refreshed, and yes it supports the iPhone 5. Clever stuff for the geekier amongst you to play with includes a JavaScript bridge to Trunk Notes functions.

More details on this blog once the release goes live. For the time being here are some iPhone 5 screenshots:

IOS Simulator Screen shot 6 Jul 2013 15 25 23 IOS Simulator Screen shot 6 Jul 2013 15 25 29

IOS Simulator Screen shot 6 Jul 2013 15 25 41 IOS Simulator Screen shot 6 Jul 2013 15 27 57

Trunk Notes 3 – another update

I think an update on Trunk Notes 3 is due. Trunk Notes is a project I work on separate to my day job (which is also writing apps for mobile devices) – and as such it isn’t always easy to find time to work on it, especially when I decided on the big project of rewriting much of the code.

Many of the minor bugs and issues were due to code that was first written in February 2009 still being in place – code no longer fit for purpose when running on iOS 5 and 6. Trunk Note originally ran on iOS 3.2 – and Apple has changed many things in that time. Thankfully my list of things to finish off now has only five or six minor items. A beta will be sent out in the next couple of weeks. I’m not anticipating it being long after that before a release is submitted to Apple.

Most of the work has been behind the scenes – and may only be noticeable to those of you frustrated by lack of iPhone 5 support, occasional toolbar weirdness on the iPad and other such issues. However I’ve also started a minor refresh of the user interface. Trunk Notes has never been about wowing you with skeuomorphic interfaces – rather it has been about giving you a powerful base on which to store information in a mobile personal wiki. I’ve also been taking the opportunity to tighten how words are used in the interface. The concept of notes is gone – where appropriate wiki pages are referred to as pages, which is what they are. Creating a new page is now much more obvious for new users.

Once released I should then be able to power ahead with many of the features those of you in the Trunk Notes community have been suggesting over the past couple of years.

Here are some screenshots (on an iPhone 5 and iPad) of what things will look like in Trunk Notes 3:

IOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Mar 2013 18 18 57     IOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Mar 2013 18 19 29

IOS Simulator Screen shot 17 Mar 2013 18 19 58

Changing the Trunk Notes editor font

I’ve had a recent question via Twitter as to whether you can change the Trunk Notes editor font. I added this as a (sort of) hidden feature a couple of releases ago. However I never really told anyone about it (except for a couple of people via email).

There is now a new page in your Trunk Notes wiki called Special:AdvancedSettings. In here you can set/change variables which are used to modify how Trunk Notes works. A little like about:config in Firefox. Basically it is a lazy way of me allowing people to customise Trunk Notes just that little bit more without having to create a proper interface!

At the moment the only recognised settings that can be added to Special:AdvancedSettings are editor-font-name and editor-font-size.

Here is an example of how to change the editor font to a monospaced font – very handy if you use lots of tables in your Markdown:

editor-font-name = Courier
editor-font-size = 15

Simple! The page Special:AdvancedSettings is just some lines each of which is key = value. Any line starting with a # is ignored (a common convention for comments), and any line which doesn’t properly parse is also ignored. Make sure that you get the case right – Editor-font-name wouldn’t be recognised.

Recent versions of iOS come with a surprisingly large number of fonts which can be used by any apps (certainly compared to Androids 1 font family!) A great resource I often refer to is It allows you to filter by iOS version, search fonts and see previews in your browser.

I will likely introduce more ways to customise Trunk Notes via Special:AdvancedSettings over time – however for now have fun modifying your editor font.