Apps written in Objective-C, Swift or using Xamarin for iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch


Get your app out there for the worlds biggest mobile platform on phones and tablets


If you want native, with the advantage of code sharing between iOS and Android, choose Xamarin

Upfront Thinking

Explore what apps can and can't do. Both Apple and Google have guidelines on what is acceptable for their app stores.


Push notifications, iBeacons, HomeKit, app permissions, maps, in-app purchases, ... Understand them and how easily they can be implemented.

UI and UX

User Interface and User Experience. There are standard ways of working on each platform. Good apps respect these. Bad apps ignore them.


Testing is crucial for a solid app and the success of your app.


Make sure your app release goes smoothly. Get the low down on metadata, review times and help during that launch period.


Get support for your new app, or for your existing apps developed elsewhere.

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From our blog

beorg 1.2

on October 6, 2017

beorg 1.2 is now on the App Store. WebDAV support Dropbox is great but many people prefer to store files on their own server or use another solution which better meets their needs. WebDAV is a standard way of providing generic file server capabilities over the Internet and is supported by services such as OpenDrive, Nextcloud and ownCloud. If you use Org-mode and want to keep your org files out of the hands of providers such as Dropbox then beorg 1.

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beorg - a new iOS Org-mode app

on September 28, 2017

This is a slightly belated post about the release of beorg - a new iOS Org-mode app. I’m going to admit to being a relative newcomer to Emacs and Org-mode. Whilst I’ve toyed with Emacs over the years I stuck with Vim since first using it at university in the late 1990s. The concept and polished implementation of Org-mode lead me finally to reconsider Emacs as my main editing environment1 a few months back.

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borg: iPhone Org-mode app

on May 25, 2017

NOTE: borg (now called beorg) is on the App Store! Read about version 1 If use Org-mode and have an iPhone carry on reading. As you know Org-mode is a fantastic plaintext based system for outlining, task planning, authoring and more. Many people, myself included, started using Emacs because of Org-mode. You are probably also aware that there is an iOS Org-mode app called MobileOrg. It allows for sync and editing of your org files on your iOS device.

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Workflow and Trunk Notes

on May 14, 2017

Workflow is a fantastic app, recently acquired by Apple, which allows users to create their own iOS mini apps. It is a great way of automating common tasks and adding custom functionality to your iPhone. In this blog post we are going to use Workflow to create Today Widgets to: Open a specific Trunk Notes page Quickly capture some text and append it to a Trunk Notes pages In order to follow this blog post get started by installing Workflow onto your device - it’s free.

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The Apps

If Apps On The Move works with you on your next project it will be as part of your team, not as a third party. Most of the companies we work with don't want to publicise the fact development isn't in-house - and we are more than happy with that.