Mobile app development and consultancy

Do you need an app?

Hello. I am a UK-based mobile app developer and consultant.

Are you an organisation needing an app to be developed? I can help you define, design, develop and launch your app for iOS and/or Android.

Are you an agency who need an app developed for a client? I have worked with a number of agencies who have mobile app projects, but limited in-house expertise relevant to developing native mobile apps.

— Matthew Kennard, founder of Apps On The Move

What You Need To Know

Apps On The Move specialises in apps which run on iPhones, iPads and Android devices. I can also help you out with apps to run on the latest Apple TV and smartwatches (such as Android Wear or Apple Watch)

App is short for application - a program which runs on a computer. That computer may be on your desk, in your pocket, on your TV or on your wrist.

Apps can do amazing things. They can help you organise your day, entertain you when you get bored, help your employees in their day-to-day work and so many things which haven't even been thought of yet.

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Lots of careful thought needs to be put into what an app should do, how the user should interact with the app and what it should look like. Once this is clear computer code needs to be written to allow your ideas to run on the phone/tablet/TV/watch/...

There are a number of different device platforms for which you can write apps:

  • iOS is the platform from Apple which runs on iPhones, iPads, Apple Watch and Apple TV.
  • Android is developed by Google for use on devices by a huge range of manufacturers. Samsung, HTC and LG are some of the most popular.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 runs on phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. On phones and tablets it currently has a much smaller marketshare than iOS or Android.
  • BlackBerry was very popular at the beginning on the smartphone revolution. It now has a very small marketshare overall.

There are a number of different ways to write an app.

  • The best way is to write a native app. Here a developer uses the tools and languages which Apple and Google strongly recommend apps are written in. The app will need to be written once for each platform.
  • You can also write an app which to the user will provide the same experience as a fully native app using a platform called Xamarin. Whilst the user interface is usually written specifically for iOS or Android, much of the code can be shared between the two.
  • Hybrid apps are very popular. These allow an app to be developed as though it was a set of web pages. Only small changes are needed for the same code to run on iOS and Android devices. These apps often feel slower and have a user experience inconsistent with the best iOS and apps.

How Apps On The Move Can Help

I develop native apps using Objective-C/Swift, Java or Xamarin/C#. The best apps provide excellent User Experience that can only come from native development.

From discovery through to launch, I will help you bring your app to public facing app stores or onto the mobile devices of your employees.

In addition to developing new apps, I can help you with your existing apps and provide mobile app consultancy services.

I have over 10 years software development experience, and have been working with mobile apps since 2008 when Apple launched its App Store.

Platforms developed for include iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets, Apple TV, Apple Watch.

I am based in Birmingham, UK.

I have worked developing mobile apps since 2008. As Head of Mobile at a West Midlands agency I worked closely with clients on the discovery and requirements gathering phases through to specification, architecting the solution, development and deployment.

The process of taking an initial concept and seeing it through to having a successful app in the hands of users requires experience. It is not uncommon for agencies which primarily offer website and web apps to be presented with the opportunity to develop a mobile app.

Apps On The Move can provide a customised package of services to agencies or other organisations who want to handle most of the app development themselves or outsource parts of the development to a third party.

I have experience writing functional specifications for apps large and small. When working with an agile methodology the best way of breaking down an app into epics and user stories is vital if client expectations are to be met.

Here are just some of the areas in which Apps On The Move could increase the chances of your app project being a success:

  • Exploring what apps can and can't do. Both Apple and Google have guidelines on what is acceptable for their app stores. Apple enforces many restrictions on what apps can accomplish in order to protect users and their experience with iOS.
  • Platforms. iOS and Android have many similarities and many differences. Deciding how to approach each platform requires careful thought.
  • App technologies. Every year Apple and Google release new APIs and capabilities. Push notifications, iBeacons, HomeKit, app permissions, maps, in-app purchases, ... Apps On The Move can help you understand which ones will be useful and how easily they can be implemented.
  • User Interface and User Experience. There are standard ways of working on each platform. Good apps respect these. Bad apps ignore them.

Past Work

Some examples of apps I've worked on include

a lone worker solution, the leading social network for parents and childcare providers, car hire insurance on the go, teaching through comics, enterprise financial illustration apps used in a bank, enterprise company sales tool.

Apps On The Move is the home of Trunk Notes and Go Calc.