Apps On The Move


beorg is a plain text task manager app for iPhone and iPad

Go Calc quickly creates calculators for use in your business

Markdown Tables is a companion app for creating and editing Markdown tables

Freelance Development

I have worked for a variety of organisations writing software since 2001, and founded Apps On The Move in 2008 I develop apps for iOS, Android and the web. My time is divided between working on apps for third parties and my own apps.

I work on:

  • Native iOS apps written in Swift and Objective-C
  • Android apps written in Kotlin and Java
  • Web apps written using Angular and TypeScript
  • Web services written in PHP
  • Whatever is needed to support the above - databases, Python scripting, …

If you have a project you’d like to talk with Apps On The Move about please get in touch. We can have an honest chat about your next app project!

Side Projects

Here are some projects which I’m playing with, and aren’t yet ready (and may never be) for full release.

Interactive Story Maker provides a way to create simple interactive fiction stories in your web browser.

An unnamed word puzzle game is a web based word puzzle game, currently with a very small number of levels. (Currently offline)