Apps written in Objective-C, Swift or using Xamarin for iPhones, iPad and Apple Watch


Get your app out there for the worlds biggest mobile platform on phones and tablets


If you want native, with the advantage of code sharing between iOS and Android, choose Xamarin

Upfront Thinking

Explore what apps can and can't do. Both Apple and Google have guidelines on what is acceptable for their app stores.


Push notifications, iBeacons, HomeKit, app permissions, maps, in-app purchases, ... Understand them and how easily they can be implemented.

UI and UX

User Interface and User Experience. There are standard ways of working on each platform. Good apps respect these. Bad apps ignore them.


Testing is crucial for a solid app and the success of your app.


Make sure your app release goes smoothly. Get the low down on metadata, review times and help during that launch period.


Get support for your new app, or for your existing apps developed elsewhere.

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From my blog

Questions to ask a potential developer

on March 3, 2018

Finding the right someone to develop an app for you or your client isn’t easy. Here are some questions to ask them to improve your chances of making the right choice. One. What apps have you got on the App Store and Google Play? Your potential developer should be able to point to some apps they’ve published. Even if they are new to working with clients they should have written an app for themselves.

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Get some expert advice

on February 16, 2018

A common scenario: “We are an award winning agency and have the go ahead to develop an app for a fantastic client. We haven’t developed a mobile app before but out client wants one and we should give it a go.” What happens all too frequently is that an agency goes through discovery, creates mockups and specs an app. All without anyone involved who has been on app project before.

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What iOS and Android versions should my app support?

on December 1, 2017

A question to ask, ideally before you start coding: “What operating systems should I support?” Let’s look at some popular apps: App Min iOS Min Android Facebook 8.0+ 4.1 Twitter 9.0+ 4.0 iA Writer 10.0+ 4.0 Buffer 10.0 2.2 1Password 11.0 4.0 (Note: for Android it can be a little tricky to quickly find out the minimum version required for the latest version of the app just by looking on Google Play)

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Our phones are amazing

on November 28, 2017

My phone is amazing. On an average day it will: Be my book when I take my asleep 7 month daughter downstairs first thing in morning (Kindle app) Check traffic on the school run before heading out (Google Maps) Take phone calls from clients looking for an update on their app See if it’s going to rain before going for a walk at lunchtime (Dark Sky) Generating a banner image for a blog post (Adobe Spark Post) Check and respond to email if out of the office (Inbox by Gmail) Play a podcast on the way home from work (Overcast) Help get my daughter to sleep with some white noise when it’s my wife’s turn to do our son’s bath (Spotify) Catching up on RSS feeds (Reeder), Twitter (Tweetbot), Reddit (Apollo) whilst she’s falling asleep Draft an idea for my latest blog post (Drafts/iA Writer) Keep track of something I’ve thought needs to be done tomorrow (beorg) Put something from Netflix on the Apple TV when the remote had gone missing again (iOS 11 Apple TV control centre function) Thanks to my phone and all the apps I use everyday!

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The Apps

If I work with you on your next project it will be as part of your team, not as a third party. Many of the companies I work with don't want to publicise the fact development isn't in-house. Get in contact to see some of the great apps I've worked on.